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Pornography destroys individuals, marriages, and families

Pornography destroys individuals, marriages, and families
David and Marva Coombs
The addiction to pornography is one of the most pernicious evils of our day, and it is the most difficult addiction to break. Alcohol, nicotine and the myriad of mind-altering drugs are all powerfully addictive, but in time, these poisons can be eliminated from the body. Pornography is stored in the brain and is available for instant recall.
The addiction to pornography starts with curiosity reinforced by the great lie that it only effects viewers and no one else. Most young boys, teenagers, and men have been exposed to this filth. Many of their female counterparts have also been caught in its trap.  
A married man’s addiction to pornography is similar to adultery; he is fantasizing sexual relations and “hath committed adultery with her already in his heart” (Matt 5:28) via magazines, television, movies, or computers. This evil cripples men’s abilities to be good husbands and fathers. They experience difficulty having healthy relationships with the females in their lives. When pornography is brought into the home, it is often discovered by children, and the poison spreads to the next generation. 
Understandably, wives of husbands addicted to pornography feel betrayed. They feel they are being negatively compared to other women; they are repulsed by it and lose respect for their husbands. Wives distance themselves and pull away from their husbands physically, sexually, emotionally, and spiritually. People’s addictions to pornography have caused many divorces. Those caught in this terrible snare must do everything in their power to escape it without delay. Escape cannot be delayed as the captivity of pornography will only get stronger. The Twelve-Step Program used in Alcoholics Anonymous is as effective in overcoming addictions to pornography as it is for overcoming alcohol or any other addiction, particularly when reference to a Higher Power is replaced with people’s calling on our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The twelve-step program for wives also helps them to better understand their husbands and to have the strength to aid their husbands through recovery.
In addition to joining support groups, victims of this addiction can feast upon the words of Christ and call upon Heavenly Father in fervent prayer for His aid. Jesus is mighty to save. Finally and importantly, those caught in this addiction and their families must not give up hope. Many have overcome this horrid addiction and have done so with their marriages intact and even stronger and better than ever before.
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  1. Porn addiction is and delusion the real thing is better and free porn stops the pay for sex industry that traps girls into the sex for hire sites and slays the monsters that pay them dead